Discover the Invisible Ink Pen by SkoolHax™

Introducing our ingenious Invisible Ink Pen by SkoolHax™, the ultimate tool for discreetly sharing information. With its anti-counterfeiting features, you can rest assured that your notes are undetectable with the best affordable price.

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How to use?

This is like a regular pen, but no one can see it without the special light in the pen that you can activate with a button. With a simple stroke of the pen, you can jot down crucial information, secure in the knowledge that it remains hidden from plain sight. Only when you shine the UV light emitted by the pen onto the paper does your writing reveal itself, transforming your covert scribbles into legible text.

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Can I write on my skin?

You can but it washes easily.

So nobody will see what's written?

Yes, without the light on the pen nobody can see what's written.

Does it last long?

Yes, like a normal pen.

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